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Feb 09

George Cassar, Karova Fleckvieh, is presented with the Bavarian Fleckvieh Genetics 2009 Fleckvieh Pioneer award at the AFO show in Traunstein, Germany. 

Nov/Dec 08

Tri-Con Kaiser Grupp 40 days old

Tri-Con Kaiser Swart 42 days old Tri-Con Kaiser Swart 42 days Tri Con Kaiser Swart 3weeks old

Three bull calves from the mating of Kykso Kaino x Kykso Erba were born to the Tri-Con partnership of BFG, Kykso and Karova . These calves, born from the Kater line are Kaiser George, Kaiser Grupp and Kaiser Swart.

Jul 08

Karova gets a visit from well renowned South African judge, Simmentaler and Simbrah breeder, Cornelis Derksen.

Jan 08

Thys Swart (Kykso Simmentalers) attends Bavarian Fleckvieh Genetics booth at International Dairy Week, Australia

Nov 07

Karova sold 7 Fleckvieh heifers for live export to Indonesia to be used as Donor Cows in an extensive ET programme in that country

Oct 07

Knox Benz calf at Robert Lippiats Wyvern Simmentals, Canada' 

Sept 07

The first calves born by Knox Benz by natural service are a set of twin heifers. Born uassisted with both mother and calves doing well.

First calf by the German Poll scurred bull Brandberg, from the famous Bayer line born at Karova. A lovely bull calf, Karova Brango, showing lots of promise at this early stage.

Nov 06

Knox Benz arrives as Karova's herdsire. Calves have arrived in Germany, Soth Africa and Canada. Thys Swart of Kykso Simmentalers is very impressed with his calves and will use more of him with semen being sold to other prominent Sth African breeders. Link to Knox Benz in Sth Africa 

8 Sep 06

Valencia was born on the 23/8/06  at 2.30 am,  she is 5 days old in the pics. She is also out of Hauk Erz x Kykso Gretika

17 Aug 06

The first calves to be born by Hauk Erz outside of South Africa were twin bulls born on the 16th August 2006 at Karova Fleckvieh.

 The calves were a result of embryos sent to Australia under the Tri-Con partnership of Bavarian Fleckvieh Genetics, Kykso Simmentalers and Karova Simmentalers.

Twin Bulls

On left twin 1, on right twin 2

Twin 1

Born 12:30 am 16th Aug 06

Twin 2

Born at 1:20 am 16th Aug 06

Hauk Erz

Hauk Erz a magnificent polled Eisenherz son Purchased by Bavarian Fleckvieh Genetics for their Global program

Links for Hauk Erz


Gretika, a wonderful donor cow out of the famous Kykso herd from the Gretl cow family

Two Gretika daughters




More details about the Gretl family line on  Kykso Simmentalers website

Link to Embryo Plus website for Gretika

Meet some more of Karova's latest arrivals

BFG Knox Benz x V056 (Pasta x Tanne)

BFG Knox Benz x V056 (Pasta x Tanne)

BFG Knox Benz x V056 (Pasta x Tanne)

L:. Karova Barnie x V320

R: BFG Knox Haped x U011